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Welcome Home: Lark Brewing Co. opens in Aldie, Virginia

An Open Letter from Kat Huff, Director of Operations at Lark Brewing Co.

Last weekend, a few days before our opening of Lark Brewing Co., I found myself staring outside at our sprawling courtyard, firepits, and outdoor pavilions.

In that moment, I could see all of you—your friends, families, and loved ones—being lost in laughter, celebrating moments, being found and present with those around you, and enjoying our community-inspired beer, wine, and food. It’s a vision after a hard workday, week, or month of you unwinding and reconnecting with your friends and family.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to fine-tuning a selection of craft beers that stand out for their unique and consistent flavors. Our menu is a carefully curated journey for your taste buds, offering a symphony of flavors designed to complement our distinctive Lark wines—arguably some of the finest in Virginia. We believe in the power of great food and drink to forge unforgettable memories and stories with friends and family.

Our vision for Lark Brewing Co. transcends excellent food, beer, and wine.

Wait, I have to stop. Our AGM, Andrew, kindly reminded me that I overlooked something important—the Cider and Seltzer. Please rest assured that these tasty beverages are included in our overall experience. Andrew is just one of the many passionate team members eager to warmly welcome you. Think of him as the ever-reliable big brother that everyone adores. We have over seventy local team members who are excited to assist you.

You will love enjoying our outdoor courtyard and pavilions with your friends and co-workers, sitting around one of our five fireplaces catching up with your best friends, or playing one of our outdoor games with your kids.

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten your four-legged friends; they have games and space to play, too. After all, family includes everyone.

It’s funny that I am writing this to you all, reflecting on my two decades of experience managing restaurants across Northern Virginia; it’s here, at Lark Brewing Co., that I discovered a true sense of a family, now knowing I’ve found my home. It’s a sense of belonging I eagerly wish to share with you, your friends, and your family.

For the past six months, our singular focus has been you—our Lark family. We aspire for Lark Brewing Co. to be your second home, where every detail and design resonates with the spirit of our extended family—our neighbors, colleagues, and local community. We aim to craft an experience that stays with you long after you’ve left, making every visit memorable. After all, this is your place, and you are family.

Together with Andrew and our team, we are excited to welcome you to Lark Brewing Co. in the coming days. When you spot me or Andrew, please stop us and say hello—I certainly will. I can’t wait to meet each of you.

Lark Brewing Co. is more than a place; it’s a feeling of being among family. As my mom always said, “Family is everything.”


Kathleen “Kat” Huff
Lark Brewing Co.
24205 James Monroe Highway, Aldie

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lark Brewing Co.)