Former Gold’s Gym in Ashburn reduced to rubble

It was a shocking sight this week for passers-by — the former Gold’s Gym location in Ashburn has been torn down.

A massive pile of rubble and debris sits where thousands of local residents once lifted weights, swam, and took fitness classes.

And you can probably guess what is planned for the space — yep, a data center.

A sign at the site refers to the Red Rum Data Center coming to the spot near the intersection of Waxpool Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard.

Readers of The Burn knew this was in the offing. We reported last year about plans for a data center on the site and, now, it looks like those plans are underway.

The Gold’s Gym in Ashburn closed suddenly in 2021. Members were directed to the Gold’s location in Sterling, which later was changed into a Onelife Fitness center.