The new development along the Greenway would include a Loudoun campus for George Mason University and possibly a hotel.

The Washington Business Journal is out with a fascinating report today about how the Van Metre Cos. is looking to build a whole bunch of new things in Broadlands, in the area of Demott Drive and the Greenway. The space would include a new elementary school, homes and a Loudoun campus for George Mason University.

Image: George Mason University

The article is only available to subscribers, but here is the gist:

  • The developer wants to build a mixed use area east of Mooreview Parkway that would include 250,000 square feet for the university, residential homes, some commercial space and perhaps even a hotel.
  • The existing nature preserve would stay where it is.
  • West of the nature preserve would be a new elementary school, a regional park and some apartments and townhomes.
  • The GMU campus would be about a quarter of a mile from the new Ashburn metro station and the entire project would be within one mile of the station.
  • There are apparently still a lot of contingencies and fine details to work out on the plan, but Van Metre is pushing forward and hopes to pull it off.

If you’re not tracking things like we are, the new metro station is going to bring a slew of new developments to the immediate area — significantly changing the landscape, driving patterns and daily life in southern Ashburn. Stay tuned.

Images: Van Metre Cos.
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