Rare book dealer opens new shop in downtown Leesburg

A new bookstore opened its doors today, Thursday July 1, in downtown Leesburg, but don’t expect something akin to a Barnes & Nobles. The new Bespoke Books is a small book shop with a very special mission — offer a highly curated selection of new, vintage and antiquarian books while helping people flesh out their prized book collections.

The new shop is located at 7 East Market Street, just a couple of doors up from the charming Mocatinas. The word “bespoke” means something that is made specifically for one customer. You often hear it used when referring to men’s suits. In this case — the hunt for a single book, or a collection of books, for a specific customer is what Bespoke Books specializes in.

Among the titles on its shelves — children’s books such as 1957’s “Over in the Meadow” and 1967’s “Meet George Washington” to vintage copies of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew titles, to current releases such as “The Indispensables” by Patrick O’Donnell about a pivotal chapter in the Revolutionary War.

Bespoke Books also offers an archive service, helping individuals and families organize and make sense of ephemera such as old letters, photographs and other historical documents.

The new shop has limited hours. They are currently open from 1 to 6 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They are open from Monday to Wednesday by appointment only.

(Image at top: Bespoke Books)

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