Gringo Gordo Empanada Shop opens in Purcellville

A new restaurant specializing in empanadas has opened for business in Purcellville. It’s called Gringo Gordo Empanada Shop.

The Burn first told you about Gringo Gordo back in April — and how the brand was expanding from Winchester to the Purcellville Center on East Main Street.

Now, the shop has finally opened, featuring the small half-moon shaped dough pockets stuffed with meat and other ingredients. Empanadas are popular in many Latin American countries.

At Gringo Gordo, you’ll find empanadas filled with Spicy Beef, Smoked Chicken, Pepperoni, Corn & Cheese, Mushroom & Kale and many other combinations. You can check out the whole empanada line-up here.

The Gringo Gordo concept is from local restaurateur Jim Thompson, who also owned the popular Yummy Pig BBQ restaurant in downtown Leesburg.

It’s been closed ever since a devastating kitchen fire back in 2021. Despite initial plans to rebuild and reopen, so far no official word on if or when Yummy Pig will return.

(Image at top: Gringo Gordo Empanada Shop)

  1. Bob 1 year ago

    So racial slurs and insulting physical attributes are allowed now? Especially as a restaurant name?

    • bill 1 year ago

      Try not to be so offended by everything, if you don’t like it, don’t support the business. It’s supposed to be funny, not offensive. Can’t do anything these days without offending someone.

  2. Samantha Shafer 1 year ago

    How exciting! They have the best empanadas, so happy they’re expanding

  3. Robert 1 year ago

    A big hit, wife bought half dozen last night(just before they sold out). Looking forward to trying others.

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