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Burning Question: Is there an update on the Mezeh restaurant in Leesburg?

Burning Question: Is there an update on the Mezeh Mediterranean Grill? Is that still happening at Compass Creek? — Siddique C. 

It’s rare for The Burn to go back to the same well for a Burning Question, but people continue to be perplexed by the progress — or lack there of — at the Mezeh restaurant location in Leesburg.

Bottom line — there is no update that we know of and we’re as puzzled as everyone else.

As we first reported in early 2022, the regional Mezeh chain had signed a lease for its first Loudoun County location at the Shops at Compass Creek development in Leesburg. That’s by the Walmart and the ION skating center.

Window clings with the Mezeh logo were installed on the windows. A building permit was issued in March of this year — and a peek inside shows that some construction has happened.

But we’ve also looked in the window several times in recent months and everything appears untouched each time — as if construction got started, then stopped, and hasn’t resumed.

The Leesburg location is also still not listed on the company’s main website like other upcoming locations are.

In March, when we last reported on Mezeh, a representative for the landlord confirmed that Mezeh was still coming and that construction was expected to resume in April, but it doesn’t appear that happened.

We’ve reached out to Mezeh directly several times for more details, but have gotten no response. We’ll update readers as soon as we find out anything new.

(Image at top: Mezeh)