CDMX Bar & Grill brings huge Mexican menu to Middleburg

We are a little late with this one, but another new Mexican restaurant recently opened in Middleburg. It’s called CDMX Bar & Grill and it’s got a lengthy menu of Mexican favorites.

The name CDMX is a nickname and acronym used in Mexico. The capital of the country is Mexico City and in Spanish that’s “Ciudad de México,” abbreviated to CDMX.

The new restaurant has opened at 16 East Washington Street. That’s right on the main drag through town.

CDMX Bar & Grill has a large menu featuring appetizers like Nachos Supreme, Shrimp Ceviche, and Mexican Jambalaya. There are vegetarian dishes including a delicious sounding Potato and Cheese Chimichanga.

There are also salads and tacos. There is a Chori Steak and a Carne Asada. There are Enchiladas Ranchera and Flautas Mexicanas. The menu goes on and on — and that’s not even counting the cocktail menu.

You can see the full CDMX food and drink menu below this story.

We mentioned at the top that CDMX was “another” new Mexican restaurant. That’s because Middleburg also just saw the opening of Bluewater Cocina. The style of the two restaurants appears to be very different, but both specialize in Mexican cuisine.

Images: CDMX Bar & Grill