Taco Bamba exploring first Loudoun County location

The fast-growing Mexican restaurant brand Taco Bamba Taqueria is exploring its first Loudoun County location — but big caveat — we can’t confirm how close the deal is to being done.

The Burn has learned that Taco Bamba is considering a 3,000 s.f. space at the Cascades Marketplace shopping center in Sterling.

Taco Bamba is reportedly looking at the space left vacant years ago by the Baja Fresh Mexican Grill restaurant.

We reached out to the leasing agency that handles Cascades Marketplace, but a representative declined to comment at this time.

Taco Bamba got its start in 2013 in Falls Church and has since expanded to 16 locations in several states. A Taco Bamba opened in Herndon this past April.

Taco Bamba, of course, specializes in tacos of all types, but they also have all sorts of other dishes as well as beer, wine, and cocktails. If you’ve never been, you can see a sample TB menu here.

Images: Taco Bamba

If Cascades Marketplace does indeed land Taco Bamba, it will be another huge feather in the cap for what could become one of Loudoun County’s hottest restaurant centers.

In the past year, the center saw the opening of the much-lauded Local Provisions restaurant. It subsequently announced that it had signed a lease with Shake Shack, one of the most coveted brands in the fast-casual arena right now.

Just last month, the center announced it had a done deal with CHIKO, another trendy DC-area brand serving Chinese and Korean food.

Again — it’s important to stress — lots of restaurants explore lots spots around Loudoun County every month. They don’t all lead to signed deals. But the fact that Taco Bamba is at least looking at this area should be welcome news for local fans of the brand.