Bubblebee x Ramen sets opening date in Ashburn

A new bubble tea shop and ramen restaurant is set to open soon in Ashburn. It’s official name is Bubblebee x Ramen and opening day is one week from today.

That’s according to a sign on the front door of the new eatery that says they will be opening Tuesday, March 12.

Bubblebee is located in the Ashburn Farm Market Center, better known to many locals as Junction Plaza.

The genesis of Bubblebee is still a bit murky. Regular readers know that the shop is taking the space formerly occupied by Tsaocaa, a bubble tea and fried chicken restaurant that closed suddenly in December after only about seven months in business.

In January, we reported that Bubblebee was moving into the spot and would have ramen on the menu.

Here’s what we’ve learned since then. Construction has been underway in the space. And the sign out front was recently installed showing the proper name is Bubblebee x Ramen.

Not sure if that’s “Bubblebee and Ramen” or “Bubblebee times Ramen” or Bubblebee “ex” Ramen.” But we’ll find out soon enough.

The brand appears to be linked to a bubble tea shop in Fredericksburg that is just called Bubblebee — no ramen in sight. The bumblebee logo is the same for both locations.

Regardless of the fine details, it looks like Ashburn area residents will soon have a new option for bubble tea and ramen starting as soon as next week.