Bubblebee x Ramen opens its doors in Ashburn

Ashburn area ramen lovers have a new option starting today. Bubblebee x Ramen has officially opened its doors in the Ashburn Farm neighborhood.

Bubblebee took over the space vacated by Tsaocaa, a bubble tea and fried chicken restaurant that closed suddenly late last year.

That’s in the Ashburn Farm Market Center plaza at Claiborne Parkway and Ashburn Farm Parkway. Bubblebee is located at the east end of the center near the Nagoya Japanese Steak House.

With the opening of Bubblebee — which serves bubble tea and ramen dishes — we finally got answers to a lot of questions we had.

While the name is probably best said as Bubblebee “and” Ramen, the X in the name is part of their branding and yes, customers are already calling it Bubblebee “X” Ramen, pronouncing it as “ex” like the letter. They even have an “X Ramen” on the menu.

Bubblebee x Ramen is unrelated to the previous restaurant that was there. It’s brand new, local owners. As we reported, they also have a Bubblebee location in Fredericksburg, but that location doesn’t offer ramen, just tea.

Finally, we got a look at the extensive menu that includes a large number of teas, coffees, and other beveages, as well as curated ramen dishes, build-your-own ramen dishes, rice dishes, appetizers, and more. You can see images of the Bubblebee menu below.

(Image at top: Bubblebee x Ramen)