Rai’s Pizza in Ashburn moves closer to opening day

The new Rai’s Pizza in Ashburn is one step closer to opening. The sign for the popular pizza joint was recently installed over the entranceway.

Back in June, Rai’s created a pop of excitement when they announced they were taking over the Pomodoro Pizza spot at the Ashburn Ice House. Construction work on the space has been underway for some time.

Rai’s is a local pizza brand that first opened off Route 7 in Sterling back in 2020. They quickly built a loyal following, due in part to savvy social media marketing.

Earlier this year, the Sterling location announced they were expanding with a new sports bar next door to the pizza place. It will be called Rai’s Pour House when it opens. Work continues on that project and the Pour House sign is expected to be installed in the next week or so.

While a firm date for the Ashburn Rai’s Pizza opening hasn’t been set yet, the owners tell The Burn that they would like to be ready to roll in October if everything goes smoothly.

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