First Cook Out location headed to Northern Virginia

The brand has nearly 300 locations in 10 states.

Big new for fans of the southern hamburger chain Cook Out. They are working on their first location in Northern Virginia with a new store planned for Manassas Park. It’s not quite Loudoun, but it’s close. And it will be big news on the local restaurant scene as the brand has very loyal fans who’ve been hoping for this for years.

Information is very preliminary, but The Burn has learned that Cook Out is exploring opening a 3,700 s.f. restaurant at 8502 Centreville Road. That’s the location of a former Roy Rogers restaurant that will apparently be redesigned into a Cook Out.

For newbies, Cook Out was founded in 1989 in Greensboro NC. It’s expanded steadily in the southeastern United States and there are now reportedly nearly 300 locations in 10 states. According to the company’s website, the closest locations to Northern Virginia are in Fredericksburg and Harrisonburg.

The brand is best known for its hamburgers done up with a variety of fixings and its milkshakes with all types of mix-ins. Cook Out also has chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, hot dogs, corn dogs, wraps and more. You can see the full Cook Out menu here.

Some Cook Out locations drive-thru only while others include a dining room and/or outdoor patio. We understand the Manassas Park location should have both a drive-thru and a dining room, but no word on a projected timeline for opening.

  1. Betty Murphy Oswalt 3 years ago

    I wish good luck to all these hamburger places but enough is enough !!! Why can’t someone open a cafeteria that serves a variety of foods. Something on the order of the S& W Cafeteria that was at 7 corners mall in Fairfax County. Wonderful food. They closed because of sky high rent they had to pay.

    • Jorge 3 years ago

      Not familiar with cookout are you?

      • Howard Margolies 3 years ago

        Yes, we love CookOut, there bbq is delicious. They have a number of specials that include a
        sandwich, 2 sides and good size drink. We live near Bristow and have been known to drive to
        Fredericksburg just to get the bbq special for lunch. Check out a CookOut menu.

    • Stacey D Herron 3 years ago

      I loved K&W! We would go there after church or just whenever. It would be awesome to have a cafeteria-like place open up like that or Perkins. At the same time, I am so excited for this! I’m, generally, not a burger fan, but let me tell you, when you experience Cook Out, Ms. Betty, it will change your life! I first tried it when I went to college in Greensboro back in the 90’s and was hooked. When I moved to Nashville and discovered Cook Out was there, I knew I was closer to heaven, haha! If you don’t mind the wait and aren’t opposed to an invitation from a stranger, I’d love to treat you to your first Cook Out tray and milk shake.

      • Ann 3 years ago

        The K&W is one of the best cafeterias you will ever find.

  2. Hungry 3 years ago

    Cookout is way more than just burgers. Great restaurant, it will do very well, particularly among the late night and college scenes.

  3. Chrissy 3 years ago

    Cookout is a great place! But I second the motion that the cafeterias were great and should return!

  4. Jim 3 years ago

    Check out their menu. There is one in Ashland and one in Richmond. Anytime I am heading south on 95 I make sure to stop by. Great food and better prices. Yum!

  5. Dale Howell 3 years ago

    Best deal with Cookout is the milkshake. When you get a meal deal (very reasonably priced), you can add a large milkshake for a mere $1.00. Forty flavors on the menu place you can create your own by mixing the menu flavors. Best deal in town!
    Meal deal also includes two sides and there is a very, very large selection to choose from, including wraps and quesadillas.
    Love Cookout!!!

  6. Ann 3 years ago

    I have not eaten at a Cook-Out, but I understand they are very good. However, it would be nice to have a cafeteria in the area. A cafeteria has more home cooked food and is very delicious. The K&W in North Carolina is wonderful. They have so many choices from salads to desserts. The S&W is also good. It is so nice having a few southern restaurants in NoVa; ie, BoJangles – wonderful chicken, sausage biscuits, etc.

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